Definitions for, "Zapping Your

Recruitment Strategies"



Flame Insulting, cruel, and derogatory messages sent via e-mail or posted to UseNet newsgroups
ISP Internet Service Provider - The company that connects you to the Internet
Listservs List servers - the machines and software that allow for automated e-mail lists to operate.
Lurk To read messages posted to e-mail discussion groups and newsgroups without sending or posting any messages yourself while getting acclimated to the list’s cultural norms and code of conduct.
Moderated list An e-mail list that has active moderator(s) that reviews and/or approves requests to become a subscriber to the list. The moderator(s) may also review the content of messages to screen e-mails prior to their being distributed back out to the list.
Netiquette Etiquette that is expected from users in the way that they communicate on the Internet using e-mail or post to newsgroups.
Search engines Sites on the World Wide Web that index the information found on the Web enabling users to search for information of interest in a systematic way
Thread All of the articles posted to a UseNet newsgroup associated with an initial posting (including the initial posting)
Unmoderated list An e-mail list that operates on a fully automated basis. Although there may be a list owner he/she does not actively review messages received by the list prior to their being distributed to the list.
URL Uniform Resource Locator - the address used for linking and visiting web sites on the World Wide Web.
UseNet Users’ Network - the area of the Internet where newsgroups and electronic bulletin boards are found.

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