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My homepage was getting a little long so I decided to separate this group of job search sites. Please keep me informed as you find others worthy of being placed on this page. Several job search sites link to others and I look forward to adding the most comprehensive and beneficial to my own page, with your assistance. Please e-mail me at erwilson@hrisolutions.com with suggestions, comments, and other "hot" job search spots to link through this page.
Want to read more about my views on how companies can more effectively recruit on the Internet?  Click here to be taken to a November 1996 article or here to be taken to an April 1998 article, both were written by Eric R. Wilson for the American Management Association's HR FOCUS periodical.
Many sites claim to be the best on the web for your recruiting needs but I fear that many that claim it really are not. For this reason I would encourage the user to visit a couple of site on the web that attempt to rank many of the recruiting-related sites. Don't take their input as gospel either but at least stop by and take a peek. 1st Steps in the Hunt is a ranking of what this site feels are the Top Recruiting sites found on the web. Worth a visit while the page remains available. Electronic Recruiting News 1997 is another page offering a ranking of recruitment related sites currently available. Point's top Career & Job Sites gives a brief description of why Point believes their listing of sites are the best recruiting related websites available.
I am pleased to serve up the following sites via the World Wide Web:
100 Careers in Wall Street is a career service Website offering job opening and job wanted advertising for positions in financial institutions and fields. Fees to employers for placing ads on the site. In reviewing the listing of ads I saw an international mix of positions, not simply Wall Street.
All Business Network includes many recruitment links.
America's Employers is a recruitment site that has positions other than simply technology-based occupations.
America's Job Bank is owned and operated by the US Department of Labor and NYSERNet, Inc. Recently the services provided have been modified to enable authorized employers to place and/or change their job order utilizing a user name and password.
Bay Area Jobs is provided by Allan Cory, a San Francisco Bay area realtor has created a nice site. If you are looking for a position in Northern California then Bay Area Jobs stop here. Allan maintains links to over 1000 area employer websites and more.
Benefit Associates Recruiting Services of Texas notes that it is a full-service recruiting company specializing in the placement of employee benefit personnel.
Best Bets from the Net from the University of Michigan
Best Jobs in the USA Today is a website offered by USA Today. This database is the exclusive listing for all national, regional and local employment ads from Employment Review Magazine and Employment Review's recruitment section of USA Today newspaper as well as thousands of individual companies across the nation.
CareerLab is offered by William S. Frank and it offers the job seeker a lot! A very impressive site which includes an electronic publication of over two hundred letters for job hunters. Many links and worthwhile to bookmark.
Career Magazine is a comprehensive resource, designed to meet the individual needs of networked job seekers. You can return to Career Magazine for valuable new information every day.
Career Mart is a website where you'll be able to browse job listings, learn about employers, view company home pages and select a job search by your choice of company, location and job listing.
CareerMosaic Homepage was one of the first online recruiting tools and remains one of the biggest.
CareerNet is presented by the Career Resource Center. Offers a link to many other employment-related job search sites.
CareerPath.com is a website offering employment Ads from seventeen major cities.
Career Shop is an on-line database of resume profiles and employment opportunities, designed to assist job seekers and hiring employers alike.
CareerSite is a place to find or fill a job on the Net. CareerSite utilizes confidential candidate profiles and SmartMatch - concept-based searching - to link employers with job seekers.
careerWEB Homepage is a website recently redesigned. Stop by and take a look. There are several features which draw the interest of job seekers.
CareerXroads is offered by the authors of the book by the same name. Gerry Crispen & Mark Mehler offer online updates to their comprehensive ranking and listing of recruiting related sites on the web.
Choosing your next Boss is a South African site which focuses on their job opportunity selection products. Also available is their opportunity rating software shareware version.
E-Span Interactive Employment Network offers salary information and other employment related information as well as many postions.
Electronic Recruiting News is an almost daily newsletter for recruiters, placement firms, and HR specialists. This terrific site includes a great deal of information! Take a peek at their rankings of recruiting related websites.
Forty Plus is recruitment source for candidates who are also members of the Forty Plus organization.
Heart/Career Connections is a resource dedicated exclusively to facilitate a direct connection between a job candidate and employer.
Helpwanted.com is another site where interested job seekers can post their resumes for free while recruiters that search pay a fee. That sounded like a little poetry....
HotJobs is a Web-based job board that focuses on technical jobs in Fortune 500 and other top technology companies around the nation. Applicants can leave their resume online and submit it to specific companies, or add it to our Hot Shots database for all companies to view.
HRComm Homepage HRCOMM, The Human Resources Community Network was designed by its members in 1994 as a private dialup network is now found on the Internet. The site includes an HR job posting section.
HR World offers job seekers and companies the opportunity to link through their job HR-position database. Most areas can only be accessed by members but the registration is painless and free.
JobBank USA specializes in providing employment networking and information services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms.
JobCenter is a website that partners with hundreds of college and university career centers and is accessed by college students, graduates, and alumni.
Jobtrak Job Center is a website that allows for general searching but will also send ads directly to your e-mail address if desired too.
JobHunt Stanford's comprehensive job search tool.
Jobnet Homepage
JobWeb is a Chicago-based service.
JobWeb College Recruitment Source
Law Employment Center The New York Law Publishing Company has a website for individuals looking for a job in the legal profession. Quite a broad base of information is offered relating to the legal employment marketplace.
MBA Employment Connection Association offers many job search services to MBA candidates and degree holders at no charge. Recruiters can gain some information at a variety of fee levels, from free to fee.
MedSearch is produced by the Monster Board and focuses on ...can you guess?... healthcare careers. An electronic agent can be put to work on your behalf to "watch" for the positions of interest to you. Registered recruiters can search the site as well, for a fee.
Monster Board Homepage one of the top career sites on the internet.
NationJob Network is a network of computerized recruitment services provided by NationJob, Inc., an independent, closely-held private company based in Ankeny, Iowa. This service includes a job seeker "agent" by the name of P.J. Scout that will e-mail job seekers appropriate positions once he has knowledge of them.
NetJobs is a Career Centre for the internet based in Mississauga, Ontario.
Online Career Center is a non-profit career information page. A must see.
Oregon (State of) Job Information is an impressive site presented by the Oregon Department of Administrative Services. Mike Freese started this website on a truly low budget with the primary objective of reducing printing costs. Now this site uses some of the more recent web tools to effectively advertise State of Oregon job opportunities.
Recruiters Online is a recruiters on-line network. Available resources include directories and search resources.
Resume'Net has turned the tables on the typical employer/job-seeker fee arrangement. The employers seeking candidates can search the site for potential employees for free while there is a $25 fee for job-seekers who place their resume on-line. Resume'Net maintains a long list of recruiting-related links for anyone visiting the site.
The Riley Guide Margaret F. Dikel has put together a comprehensive resource site with the title of, "Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet" (or simply The Riley Guide). This is a "must see site" since Margaret F. Dikel was one of the first on the Web and still maintains a very comprehensive resource on-line for the browser.
Saludos Web is a world wide website devoted exclusively to promoting Hispanic careers and education, supported by Saludos Hispanos magazine.
SearchBase connects the searcher to retained executive recruiters throughout North America.  The service prides itself on an ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
TrainingNet offers a free "Job Finder" for those seeking or offering training or HR-related positions.
Trilogy Enterprises, Inc. an executive search firm homepage by Eric Schuller.
The Virtual Job Fair is an attractive job resource for high tech job seekers and recruiters. There is a Human Resource Center which receives a high frequency of "hits".
Working and Living Overseas
Worknet is a Canadian employment opportunity resource.

Sites recently added

SHS, Inc. is an executive search recruitment firm noting specialization in the Medical Advertising and Telecommunications industries.  Based out of Chicago, Illinois, this site offers online job openings.

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