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Let's face it, there really isn't a need for yet another site with a ton of "other neat links." I felt that another listing of some helpful sites wouldn't kill anyone though. The following list is my offering to the virtual community of "must have" sites.
Anything blue (or underlined if your viewer does not show blue) in this document will "link" you to other pages on the WWW.
America Online home page is a location that you can download the latest version of the AOL software from.
CompuServe home page is a location that you can download the latest version of the CompuServe software from.
Download.Com when you are looking for that special software that you have heard is available on the 'Net but don't know where to find it try This site offers the software seeker links to much of the software they seek.
Houston Chronicle Interactive while I don't live near Houston this site was very interesting to me. The Chronicle features many "neat" features, including an on-line crossword puzzle for those with Java enabled browsers. Worth taking a peek at.
MapQuest! give you on-line driving directions to almost anywhere in the United States. You can even print-out their colored maps. Very neat!
McAfee home page allows for the browser to download a demo of their antivirus product.
Microsoft home page. Let's face it...they are THE technology organization. How could this list be created without their name found here?
MSNBC home page is the innovative cooperative effort between Microsoft and NBC.
Netscape Link to Helper Applications is a link to utilities that improve your Netscape product.
NPR is National Public Radio's web site. Very informative site where you can always catch the latest news stories using Real Audio's player.
Oregon Business magazine's home page. They have called this site the Oregon Business Channel.
PKWare is home the infamous PKZip utility. You can download directly their shareware version from this site. If your browser allows it you should see a button directly above that will speed you to their home page now.
Prodigy home page is a location that you can download the latest version of the Prodigy software from.
Real Audio home page is a location where you can go to download their Real Audio Player. This will allow you to "hear" files found on many sites on the web.
Symantec is home to all the Norton Utilities which includes Norton AntiVirus.
VDO Live home page is a location where you can go to download their internet video product. This will allow you to "see and hear" files found on many sites on the web.

Sites recently added

ClassMates is a website dedicated to assisting individuals in their efforts to link-up with fellow high school alumni.  A novel service, requires a fee to access some areas of their database.

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