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Adecco was known by the name ADIA (ADIA SA of Switzerland) in the United States prior to its September 1996 merger with Ecco SA (French company). Premier temporary staffing agency. Includes an on-line newsletter and links to HR-related websites.
ADP has provided payroll to many organizations over the years. This site gives payroll processing information as well as the listing some of their other products and services provided today.
The Alexander Information Group sells software to human resource professionals for pre-employment screening purposes.
Bay City Research human resources recruiting & training specialists based in Florida.
Benefits Software, Inc. is a developer and publisher of employee fringe benefit communication and workers' compensation case management software systems. Based out of Santa Barbara, California.
Braun Consulting Group is an HR consulting practice based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. Bob has offers an on-line HR newsletter for the visitor's benefit.
The Career Development Team Homepage advertises its career development tools.
Ceridian has been around for many years, previously know to those in the HR community as Control Data. Their site is filled with company information from the HR and payroll vendor.
Clayton Wallis Company offers on-line (for a fee) compensation survey data. Also describes a variety of compensation software products available from the company.
Constructive Change by Jerry Feist, Ph.D. This site offers the visitor a couple of articles regarding the topic of change and how to effectively deal with it in the organization.
CR Human Resources Solutions promotes its "How To" books and offers an HR-related FAQ section.  Free items that can be requested include a selection of HR checklists and forms.  Holland, Michigan-based.
Creative-Leadership Incorporated noted as "your hiring specialist."
Cyborg Systems has a homepage. The company is a leader in HR managment software and services.
Decisis system-based products offer HR advice and process support through their information knowledge bases.  Their automated tools provide industry and organization-specific best practice options.
Dependent Care Connection Inc. is a company that provides child and adult care counseling, education and referral services to organizations. The site contains work/life white papers, discussion groups, and related links. This is a worthwhile site for individuals looking to enhance their company's family-friendly benefits.
Dun & Bradstreet/GEAC Software
Edify Corporation supplies self service software products enabling organizations to provide automated services to customers and employees via the Internet, corporate Intranets and the telephone. The site includes an interactive demo of how the product might be utilized within an organization.
Facilitemps describes their temporary employment agency that specializes in providing temporary Organizational Development and Training personnel to organizations.
Fosgren & Associates Inc. offers a home page providing information on their programs, training needs analysis demo software, training program evaluator software demo, and sample program demos which can be requested.
Genesys Software Systems site on the internet.
The Hay Group website notes that it is a global consulting firm that helps organizations implement their strategies by effectively organizing, managing, motivating, and rewarding their people.
HR Press website. The Human Resource Software & Computer Based Training Library is made available to the browser.
HRD Press notes that it produces print, video, and electronic resources such as workshops, instruments, and books for consultants, corporate trainers, and educators. In addition to its on-line catalog there is a fun little behavioral style assessment tool (Java applet) and sample training activities.
The Hub Online for Speaking and Training. A directory providing standardized home pages for professional speakers, trainers, and organizations in the meetings industry. The HOST Hub offers audio and video segments as well as a search engine to expedite the search and review time for corporate/meeting planners in selecting a presenter.
The Human Resource Store notes that it is an organization of HR consultants based out of Chicago, Illinois, there are several HR-related articles under their "freestuff" page.
Human Resources MicroSystems home page site.
The Hunter Group home page site. The organization specializes in Financial and Human Resources information management systems consulting.
Informus Corporation is a company offering employee screening services to employers. On-line social security card, driving records, military service verification, and criminal checks are a few of their listed services.
InterAct Inc. supplier of AllianceHRMS, Best Software, Humanic Design, and NuView HRMS Solutions.
Joan Lloyd's Workplace and Career Issues describes available products and services from Joan Lloyd. The site also contains a rotating "Tip of the Day" article and "Changing Workplace Article."
Lee Hecht Harrison an international outplacement and career development firm. Their site includes outplacement tools and an executive talent directory.
The MBL Group, Inc. home page site. The MBL Group is a Portland, Oregon, based company that offers strategic human resource services on an outsourced basis.
The Management Advantage, Inc. is an HR management consulting, training, services, and products firm.
McGraw-Hill Publishing Professional Book Group's Gopher site, home of M-H's comprehensive Titlebank catalog.
Merit Performance, Inc. website might be of interest to anyone looking for competency-based training, performance management and organization development.
Organizational Universe Systems is a California firm specializing in management/leadership development, organizational development and 360-degree feedback software. OUS offers a "freebies" section contenting related white papers that can be copied and utilized with appropriate reference.
PC Northwest Inc. is a Pacific Northwest HR Consulting firm. The visitor can read on-line versions of the organization's current and past newsletters.
Peoplesoft Home Page is considered one of the leading HR Information Systems vendors available.
Psychological Associates is a full-service human resource development firm involved in consulting and training.
Raosoft software for information gathering and analysis.
Restrac Inc. is a software vendor that develops and markets automated staffing and skills management systems. Known for their resume scanning/management software.
Resumix is a software vendor that offers products to scan electronically handle many aspects of the recruitment process through resume scanning and management.
The Richardson Company, Inc. is a resource for video tapes, CD's, and computer based training materials.
Ross Systems Home Page on the internet. Yet another HR information vendor on the internet.
Sales & Service Staffing Advisors is a site promoting the services offered by Stu Mahlin.  Focus is on the effective use of part-timers within organizations.
Schmeltzer, Aptaker & Shepard, P.C. is a Washington, D.C. based law firm that represents domestic and international corporations in specialized areas of federal and state law.  Their website offers the visitor summaries of articles and case analysis that should be of interest to many HR professionals.
Sierra Systems Consultants Inc. has been providing HR package software consulting services for over 20 years. They have partnerships with PeopleSoft an Lawson.
SkillView is a product offered by SkillView Technologies, Inc. SkillView is touted as a skill inventory application implementing the principles of Skills-Based Management.
Stressmaster Corporation is a division of The Assessment and Development Center. Specialize in "stressmastery" programs, products, and services.
Temp Technology Inc. a Beaverton, Oregon, based temporary employment agency.
The Terryberry Company has been in business since 1918 and helps companies manage employee recognition award programs.
TimeVision has a website that details their Org Chart Build and Org Chart View software.
The U.K. Training Pages by Changing Times. Offers a cartoon of the day and information about their products/services.
Usertech adds value to client information technology projects by providing world-class training, documentation, and performance support programs needed to successfully integrate people, work, and technology.
William Steinberg Consultants Inc. are the producers of survey software products below as well as the HR Power Guide, a catalog of Human Resources software.
Viking Solutions International Inc. provides attendance management software. The site contains several attendance and absenteeism articles.

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