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Welcome to The Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet - by Eric R. Wilson. This is a developing portion of the site, specifically focused on mobile device platforms.  Subscribe to the Human Resource Professional's developing on-line content by clicking here.   AvantGo enabled users will be able to "get the latest" information regarding HR related sites on the web and general management content by subscribing to this "Channel."
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Archived Article - Check-out an archived article from 1996 entitled Zapping Your Recruitment Strategies which can be accessed by clicking the title or here.


Another archived article - From 1998 entitled The Technology of RECRUITING TODAY can be accessed by clicking the title or here.


Link of interest - There are a lot of search engines available on the web, some better than others.  One META Search Engine (conducts your search across several search engines) that is rather interesting is Boolistic.  You can visit the site at http://www.boolistic.com/ (...logical, wouldn't you agree...) and search the Web with up to four search words or phrases - selecting from up to 29 different search engines.
I have performed many Boolean searches over the years, using HRIS tools, general databases, and internet search engines.  Boolistic's meta search tool allows even the inexperienced user to leverage these "advanced" search capability while gaining insight regarding Boolean search methods.  Venn diagrams clarify the search criteria being utilized and offer guidance to further search refinements.
While I have only started using the site it seems to assist with targeted search efforts, especially when utilizing search engines that I am less familiar with.

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